UNSC Update

Good evening readers,

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update about my current projects going on. Due to my over active imagination, and the inspiration I received from some of my favorite online writers works, I am putting most of my current projects on hold for the time being and starting something anew. I will be returning to the stories of Sarah Keys and John Mathews when I get tired of my new project,a nd they will not be forgotten (hopefully). Sarah Keys is on a break, and has been for a bit while I have been focusing on John Mathews arc.

Now despite the break I will be taking from Keys and Mathews, I will be posting the backlog I have for the Mathews story now that I have time to get online and do things.

As for the new story? I was inspired by my favorite Mustang driving online author, and another favorite online author of mine who has written an awesome space shipwrecked story involving aliens.

Now I would like to introduce to you… Mechanical Engineer Samuel Rider, Forty Third Mechanized Battalion, Delta Company.

Welcome to the jungle,

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