UNSC DEV. OPS. Sneak Peek

So I am currently in the process of creating what could potentially become either part of the current Captains Log, OR, will become a whole new story line that will join with Key’s story line. All in all, it will be a part of the same story and will be set in the same timeline to allow for development and plot building.

For now, I have added a sort excerpt from this new lineup for readers to get a small taste.

Every organization needs a research and development group to develop new weapons and toys for their teams to play with. And the UNSC is just like any other organization, always developing the latest and greatest in toys. Sometimes the think tank that is tasked with creating all of these ideas come up with nothing but junk, and some times they actually come out with something actually usable. And every so often they come out with a weapon that is just plain nasty…  

“Sargent! Have you got the surprise cannon ready for them yet?!” The youngest cadet in my squad shouts to get their question heard over the blasting of shells and machine gun fire. 

The ’surprise’ cannon he is referring to is another one of our prototype weapons that is receiving field testing. Every so often we gather up all of our projects and bring them out into the field to get them dirty. 

“We don’t have the right density in the opposition to accurately gauge the output yet! Keep pissing them off!”  I yell out to my team as I frantically attach the power couplings to the power cell attached to the back of my exo-suite. This one handheld cannon requires four heavy duty power harnesses to get enough juice to generate the plasma fired by the gun. 

I peak over the hastily created break wall to check on the advancing enemy. With the massive power requirements of the cannon, I want to lure the enemy into as tight of a group as I can get to make the most out of each power cell. Because one I hoist myself up and pull the trigger, I will be totally defenseless as the cannon charges then discharges it plasmic payload down range. 

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