Part four of my space opera.


United Naval Space Corps

Hello, This is going to be a slightly shorter chapter due to the plot points.



The first to find their voice is my mother. “WH-WHERE DID YOU EVER GET ALL OF THI-THI-THIS STUFF!!!” She shrieks.


Next is the Psychiatrist. “I-I need to call the p-p-police…”


“Now, now Mrs. Boyd. You assured me that whatever was placed on this table would stay between us. There is no need to bring the police or anybody else into this situation.”


“Why yes Sarah, but that was under the impression that the content of your pockets would only carry petty contraband. However, it is not permissible by law to own or even carry a gun like that, much less a minor! Which a minor in this state is defined to the twenty first birthday! You on the other hand are just an eighteen-year-old girl! You’re not allowed to even touch these let alone possess them!”


“I’m allowed to conceal carry any weapon designated as either a pistol, automatic pistol, automatic machine pistol, or personal defense weapon. I am not allowed however to conceal carry any assault weapon or any destructive device weapon.”


“Young lady, I do not know where you are getting your information from but you are sadly mistaken!!!”


“My dear Mrs. Boyd. As per UNSC Penal code forty-seven, sub section Alpha, all UNSC officers must carry a concealed weapon at all times. In instances where the officer must enter an area where weapons are prohibited, the officer must provide rank and identification before entering said area.”


“Young lady, I am not going to put up with this! You are not a UNSC officer so that law does NOT apply to you! I am familiar with the UNSC as my husband is a second lieutenant, and I will not put up with this!”


“Both of you, check the ID laying on the table. I’m going to call a friend of mine to come and verify all this.” I grab my phone from atop the plate carrier and send a message to John. Not even thirty seconds after I sent the message I hear a knock on the door.


Before anyone could even get up, the door opens and John steps in wearing his captains dress blues.


“Good afternoon Captain Keys, it’s always a pleasure to see you.”


“The pleasure is all mine Captain Starlock.” We snap a sharp salute to each other as a greeting.


“And I don’t believe we have actually met Mrs. Keys? Your daughter is a wonderful and sharp-witted person to both teach and to work with.”


“It’s a pleasure to meet you too, but what’s this your saying about my daughter Sarah? Are you her teacher or instructor from her high school or something?”


“Ha-ha-ha! No, I was her instructor during her officer training when she was attending the UNSC boot camp. Because she had graduated high school early, and was already taking advanced college classes, she tested high on the officer aptitude test and became to youngest person to ever enter and complete officers training. She graduated at the top of her class from officer training and she has worked her way up to be a captain.”


Another knock sounds at the door. “Come in!” Mrs. Boyd call out.


The door opens silently and a person slips in.


“Honey, I was hoping to take you out to lunch somewhere today?”


The man at the door looks up and sees Sarah and John at opposite ends of the coffee table. Instantly his back goes rigid and he snaps into a salute.




“”At ease”” Both John and I say it at the same time.


Mr. Boyds arm falls to his side, however he keeps his back straight as an arrow.


“Mrs. Keys, as you are now aware, Sarah is an officer of the United Naval Space Corps. And as tomorrow, she will be a captain with the ship clearance of heavy battleship. One of the most prestigious captain positions in the UNSC.”


“How can she be in the military? I never gave her permission to enlist!”


“Mrs. Keys, a youth can sign up with the armed forces of the UNSC without parental consent at the age of seventeen. Before that a youth can enlist in the peace corps at the age of sixteen. Sarah here was seventeen years of age when she enlisted with the UNSC.”


“She is my daughter and she will only be doing what I agree to let her do! And from now on she is grounded!”


Mrs. Boyd faces my mother. “I can see that you are not pleased with your daughter’s choice of career. Is there something about her chosen career that displeases you?”


“I don’t want a child of mine trying to become one of those savages! It’s bad enough that they murdered my sister’s son’s! And I feel that as a parent I have a right in choosing what career my child chooses!”


John steps forward towards mother. “Mrs. Keys. Are you requesting that Captain Sarah Keys immediately relinquish her position with the UNSC? Thus, abandoning her duties and reporting as deserting her current post?”


“YES! I will not have her around such savages!”


“Then are you aware that if she is indeed forced to abandon her post, she will be immediately sentenced with six years of imprisonment at a UNSC maximum security prison, and a fifty-thousand-dollar fine that must be paid by immediate family members if said officer is unable to pay the fine?”




“Mrs. Keys, I suggest you contemplate your decision for your daughter and discuss this in detail with your husband. If you would like I can meet you at your house later this evening to discuss the implications of desertion of post and abandonment of enlistment to you, your husband, and the officer in question.”


“F-fine. I will discuss it when her father gets home from work.”


“Thank you for your consideration Ma’am. Second Lieutenant Boyd, I will request your assistance in detaining Captain Sarah Keys pending this matter has been settled. Will you please collect her belongings while I escort her out of the building?”


“SIR, YES, SIR!” The Lieutenant quickly gathers my belongings from the table as John turns to face me.


Without a word I place my hands on my head so John can place the handcuffs on me.


“You know John, it’s interesting being on this side of the cuffs.” John smiles at my comment but doesn’t reply.


“Mrs. Keys, after some questioning and interrogation I will return Captain Keys to her place of residency in time to meet with your husband.” John then grabs me roughly by the shoulder and guides me out of the building.


As soon as he gets me in the passenger seat of his car, he releases the cuffs from my wrists then grins at me.


“I suggest you file for self-independence with the governor’s office. You meet all the requirements and have several reputable sponsors. As for that questioning, how about I grill you over a quick bite to eat?”


“Captain, sounds good to me.”


Fifteen minutes later we find ourselves at a small outdoor grill. While waiting for our order, John pulls out his tablet and pulls up with the questions.


“Captain Sarah Keys. Have you any thoughts to abandon your post and the responsibilities that accompanies it?”




“Captain Sarah Keys. Have you harbored any ill intent for the UNSC as an organization?”




“Captain Sarah Keys. Are you willing to continue serving out your enlistment term as stated in UNSC Penal code twelve?”


“If I may, hell yes.”


John snaps the cover closed on his tablet and looks up at me. “Well questioning is over with. Now let’s kill some time until your father gets home. Unless you want to go back home?”


“How about a quick run to your place so I can change into my spare uniform? I might as well be present in uniform if I am being accused of desertion.”


After an uneventful, but rather delicious meal, John takes me to his house to quickly change, then drives us to the place I call home.


Pulling up into the driveway, we see my father’s car sitting in the garage with the garage door open.


“You know this is the first time I have been invited into your home? You always used to shoo me away before I could ask to come in.”


I look up at John as we walk towards the front door along the walk way.


“And you know the reasons I had for that. One, I didn’t want to show you how crazy my home situation is; two, I didn’t want to expose my career to my family, knowing that my mother and father would disagree; and three, I didn’t want to embarrass myself by having to introduce my sister.”


“You know that I have never really got to know your sister all that well, but is she really as bad as you say she is?” John asks me, receiving my glare as an answer.


“She’s worse to me than she is to anyone else, unless she doesn’t get her way. Now please, come in.” I open the front door and gesture for John to step inside.


“Why thank you, this is quite a lovely home.”


“Oh, don’t bother taking your shoes off. No one else does except for me, and your uniform would look rather unsightly without your meticulously polished shoes.”


I guide John towards the dining room and peek into the room. Both mother and father are sitting at the table with unhappy looks on their faces, while Anita is sitting in the alcove in the same room texting somebody.


“I’m home!” I announce my presence when stepping into the room. Both my parents look up at me with a stern look on their faces.


“Young lady, your mother and I have been talking about this, and you better have a good explanation about why you had illegal weapons in your pockets! It wasn’t just the gun that was illegal, but rather every single item that you had was illegal contraband!”


“Well father, I am actually a UNSC officer so I have a permit to conceal carry.”


“Enough of your lies! Do you expect your mother and I to believe such lies coming from your mouth? Also, where did you steal that much cash from!?”


“One I’m not lying, and two I got the cash from the bank after I received the direct deposit from work. I didn’t know it was illegal to carry a bit of cash this day and age.”


“Well because the fact that you can’t stop lying to us, and guns are illegal here, your mother and I have dropped them off at the local police station and asked for an officer of the law to come and discuss the repercussions of what you have done.”


I raise my eyebrows at what my father has just said. “You know would it help if I brought along an officer from this UNSC that I am pretending to be a part of? They might have a better idea of what to do?”


“Don’t get smart with me young lady.”


“Well is there anything else that you would like to discuss before said officer arrives? I am under the impression that you and mother are both not impressed with my chosen career, nor my studies. If it would help I can bring you all of my transcripts so we can discuss them?”


“Fine. Go fetch your report cards.”


I turn towards John. “If you may?” He nods in agreement and leaves the room for his car to fetch the papers he left in his trunk. I on the other hand dart up to my room and grab the envelope that I keep all my grade transcripts in. Meeting back in the dining room, John sets down a folder with my name and picture on the front, and I set my regular school transcripts on that, coincidently, everything is in order from oldest to newest.


“Please feel free to scan through these transcripts of you would like.”


Father picks up the bundle and starts sifting through them all. His eyes get wider and wider as his face gets paler and paler. Finally, he is finished with my high school transcripts and finds my diploma.


“Yes, I have already graduated from high school, and I had started on college using a scholarship, however I dropped out so I could go to officer’s school.”


“Wait. Your mother and I thought you were failing your classes? That’s why we wanted you to go to study groups and after school tutoring?”


“I never was failing. Those grades right there are what came in the mail. As you can see all those report sheets have been signed by a member of the school administration.”


“There is no way these are your grades. How would you have gotten to them before us? Both your sisters and yours are sent in the same envelope!”


“No. Grades have always been sent in separate envelopes. As it stated in the student handbook, any document that is not individually addressed, sealed, and signed, is not official school communications. And while yes I did technically drop out of college, it was more like a credit transfer, transferring my credits to the officers academy.”


“And you expect us to believe you joined this group of murderers after what they did to your cousin? Don’t you remember what happened to Jake?!”


Captain John steps up behind me speaking in a low voice. “Hey, she isn’t talking about Jake Pelham, is she? The legendary war hero that sacrificed himself to save thousands of civilians and several squads of infantrymen?”


“That’s the one and only. Why? You knew him?” I turn to look John in the face. A sad look spread across his face.


“I was personally running transport and close air support for him that day. He was a good man with a good head on his shoulders, and he is the hero of all heroes. Plus I lost a few good friends that day.”


John turns and faces my mother. “Mrs. Keys, you mentioned about Jake Pelham, is that correct?”


“Yes! Don’t you dare slander his name!”


“Please calm down. I knew him personally, and I was there the day that he died. Even though this information was not released immediately at the time of the announcement that he died, he was postmortem declared a war hero after the day that he died saving children from a school that was taken hostage.”


“LIES! It’s all lies! We heard how he died on the news! It was a needless training accident! He didn’t need to die!”


“Mrs. Keys, please calm down. I want to show you all something. Please follow me.” John walks out of the dining room and into the nearby living room. Plugging in a card into the back of the TV he turns the eighty-inch screen on as mother and father sit down on the couch, mother gently crying on father’s shoulder. The TV flickers on, flashes a UNSC symbol, then goes static.

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