UPDATE 8-11-2018

I just wanted to put up a quick update, I am starting another project called “Cold Snap”

The story is centered on a mining and boring expert in a post apocalyptic world. The twist, is that Earth is actually freezing, lowering the temperatures around the globe. What will happen to our boring man as the earth gets colder and colder?

Who knows…

UPDATE 8-9-2018

Writing has been going a bit slow recently, with not much time to write being the summer and all. Work mainly has been getting in the way keeping me from focusing on much needed stories. And to make matters worse, I have lost the urge to write on the computer, and have turned to a dip pen and paper to write with. These stories that some of you have been following have been written on paper instead of typed into the computer, and transcribing them just has not been that high up on my priority list. The Sarah Keys Captains log has been continuing in the nine and a half chapters on paper, but have not made it to the computer.

As usual, most of my writings are unedited, so they contain many errors and grammatical errors. I thank my few readers for putting up with the errors, and hope you all will put up with my lazyness.


Yet another day spent cleaning…

{Now hush! Over there is a really rare sight that you wont see again! Its a young male human bachelor, now while they are not a rare breed, this one is showing some really rare behavior in its natural habitat! This one appears to actually be cleaning!}

LOL! I rely don’t know how rare it is for a single 20 year old to be cleaning their apartment meticulously, but that’s how i spent the last 48 hours of my life! First it all started with my master bedroom and master bath. I cleaned up any trash, got my clothes in the closets, cleaned up all of the network cords and vacuumed and spot cleaned the carpet. I was so tired when I was done, I ended up going to bed before 11PM (Pretty rare for me to go to sleep before 12AM). Then this morning, I woke up at 7AM and drove up to a town just north of me, and volunteered at the Grange Women’s Association’s pancake breakfast. After that, a quick stop to pick my parents vegetable garden, then i came home and proceeded to clean the second bedroom, or the room that had collected all of the junk from when I moved in last November. At least now that third of my house is clean and presentable! LOL

Now to clean the second bathroom!