How in the world is this site here???

Hello again!

Just some random stuff this time,

First, if you were wondering and you can’t tell, this sight is a WordPress site. I chose a WordPress site, because of its ease of operation, and the fact that I could get a ready to run image up and running to run the site in a matter of an hour.

Second, WordPress is running off of a Turnkey Linux core. Part of the reason I could get it up and running so quickly!

Lastly, for hosting, I decided to go with a hosting solution that I could trust. A hosting provider that if there was any down time, I would know exactly what is wrong, and would know exactly how long it will take to repair the issues. And that hosting provider? None other than myself!

I figured if anyone was wondering, this is how everything goes together. I figure why should I pay for hosting, when I can do it all myself!