McDonalds Gilroy Garlic Fries? Y/N?


OK, so the new Gilroy Garlic Fries from McDonald’s?

I finally got to try some, and I am not impressed. The garlic and Parmesan mixture tastes wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but put on soggy fries, it just doesn’t mix. I’m struggling eating these and typing this at the same time. I for some reason was hoping for something much much more. I believe though that the McDonald French Fri is just not suited for the task of holding a buttery garlic Parmesan and parsley sauce without just completely breaking down. And once they get cold, they just become this cold soggy mass. I haven’t yet tried them completely chilled, as i figure the butter would make them completely inedible. or maybe it isn’t even butter they use, but rather that liquid margarine? I will never know as I no longer work in a McDonald’s my self. All of this is giving me an upset stomach.

So McDonalds New Gilroy Garlic Fries? Yes or No???    I’ll say no.