Dual Wielding IP addresses

Hello all!

So the other day I came across a problem, that I couldn’t quite figure out. I wanted to be able to self host this WordPress blog, and also have my media server still be able to be connected to from the outside. So I figured that the easiest way to do this would to contact my provider (Comcast) and try to get two external IP addresses. I figured, heck if I do it at work all the time, why cant I do it here? Well according to Comcast, each device can only have one IP address on it at a time, and that having two external IP addresses is not allowed. They did not tell me how I can obtain a second IP address, or even try to figure out what they can do for me. I figure though, I may just have to break down, and get a Comcast Business account so i can have as many IP addresses as i want.


Also, currently this page is accessible from vpn.lbit.us, but i will be changing that soon, to probably either the default lbit.us or to www.lbit.us. However, no one will relay notice, as I believe I am the only one who uses this right now.


Another thought just occurred to me, why not get a second provider to handle the lighter workloads? I could get a cheap DSL line for about $30 where I am at, and that could handle this WordPress site? I have the modems and routers to handle the connection, so i don’t believe that would be a problem at all!

Network… 1… 2… 3… GO!!!!

Hello all!!!!

Not only is this site going to have anime related stuff, it will also have networking related content as well! I am a Network Admin after all! Now there may be more posts that are anime related than there will be network related, but I will figure out a way to sort those all out, so they will be view-able separate. For now, I will tag each post with the related subject!

Have Fun!

Yet another day spent cleaning…

{Now hush! Over there is a really rare sight that you wont see again! Its a young male human bachelor, now while they are not a rare breed, this one is showing some really rare behavior in its natural habitat! This one appears to actually be cleaning!}

LOL! I rely don’t know how rare it is for a single 20 year old to be cleaning their apartment meticulously, but that’s how i spent the last 48 hours of my life! First it all started with my master bedroom and master bath. I cleaned up any trash, got my clothes in the closets, cleaned up all of the network cords and vacuumed and spot cleaned the carpet. I was so tired when I was done, I ended up going to bed before 11PM (Pretty rare for me to go to sleep before 12AM). Then this morning, I woke up at 7AM and drove up to a town just north of me, and volunteered at the Grange Women’s Association’s pancake breakfast. After that, a quick stop to pick my parents vegetable garden, then i came home and proceeded to clean the second bedroom, or the room that had collected all of the junk from when I moved in last November. At least now that third of my house is clean and presentable! LOL

Now to clean the second bathroom!