A Crippled Weak Network

Good afternoon my fellow party members,

I don’t know if everyone has been watching the news recently, but there has been a rash of large companies that have been brought to their knees due to large scale network outages. Some of the most noticeable is the recent South West and Delta Airlines outages. South West’s computers where down for almost three days, all because of a failed router. And Delta was down for almost an entire day due to a failed power switch, but in Deltas case, even once the power switch was replaced, it took them almost the entire day to restart their computer systems. And the fact that it effected their global business as a whole, shows that they haven’t prepared their systems for a major failure. From what reports say, Delta Airlines’ computer system is based off of a legacy system that is so old, It most likely loads its data off of original Floppy Disks, and tape cassettes. (I’m thinking more in the tune of the computer system from Captain America Winter soldier) But what is the most shocking to see, is the fact that their entire company has that one critical failure point. Their network is a hub and spoke network, that can’t function without the central hub. There is no interconnects between the spokes, and there is no backup datacenter that can take over the system load in case the main hub goes down.

For any company to make a data system that can be so unreliable in the event of a failure, must not really be concerned about their company’s ability to operate efficiently and smoothly in the event of failures. In the matter of failures that could plague a data operation, there are many things that could take a datacenter down. anything from power failures to fiber cuts, if it affects the connection to your datacenter connecting to the outer spokes of the business, it will effect the bottom line. There are however ways around this. To prevent your company from feeling the effects of a datacenter failure, a full mesh network is recommended. Mainly by using multiple slightly smaller data centers. By having multiple datacenters that replicate data across the network, you can ensure that the spokes of your network will always have a place to connect to.

So what’s better? Spend the money now to make the profits later? Or save the money now to loose money later?

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