UPDATE 8-9-2018

Writing has been going a bit slow recently, with not much time to write being the summer and all. Work mainly has been getting in the way keeping me from focusing on much needed stories. And to make matters worse, I have lost the urge to write on the computer, and have turned to a dip pen and paper to write with. These stories that some of you have been following have been written on paper instead of typed into the computer, and transcribing them just has not been that high up on my priority list. The Sarah Keys Captains log has been continuing in the nine and a half chapters on paper, but have not made it to the computer.

As usual, most of my writings are unedited, so they contain many errors and grammatical errors. I thank my few readers for putting up with the errors, and hope you all will put up with my lazyness.


Lake Pillsbury June

Hello all!

Yet more time at Lake Pillsbury! Its always fun to enjoy the waters with your friends and family!

And in case you are wondering what the music is? Check the descriptions of the videos, and you will find the artists name and a link to their video and social network links!

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Under the Surface of Lake Pillsbury

Now here is an interesting video that I made. I took my Go-pro session, and using the floating hand grip, a piece of string, a crescent wrench, and a rope, I was able to get my camera to float just a foot or so off the bottom of the lake bed. Now what surprised me when i did this when I later reviewed the footage, was that the music that I was playing in the boat was heard underwater. Now I cant name the songs, however it produced a cool sound underwater and creates a relaxing sound.

Plus I was a little surprised about the fish friends that showed up to investigate the camera!

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