Summoner – Eric Vall

Summoner – Eric Vall

I for one am an avid reader. Usually looking for books in library’s or in book stores. Though most of the books I read are ones that I have found myself. This time I decided to let Amazon pick out a book based on my library and sorted through the suggested titles. My phone only showed six titles and Summoner by Eric Vall was one of them.

Summoner is about a young man named Gryff who lives in a magical monster filled world as a summoner, one of the lowest classes of mages. Vall does a wonderful job at describing and detailing the world Gryff lives in without going overboard and drowning the reader. Keeping the reader engaged in the story by keeping the boring story building parts to a well-balanced minimum, Vall describes Gryff’s struggle being the lowest class of mage.

All in all, I enjoyed this book as it wrapped me deeply into the story, allowing me to envision, sense, feel, and even smell the world Vall depicts. A great read that would be wonderful for a cozy weekend reading session and I am excited to see if Vall will continue the story with a second book.

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