Summoner – Eric Vall

Summoner – Eric Vall

I for one am an avid reader. Usually looking for books in library’s or in book stores. Though most of the books I read are ones that I have found myself. This time I decided to let Amazon pick out a book based on my library and sorted through the suggested titles. My phone only showed six titles and Summoner by Eric Vall was one of them.

Summoner is about a young man named Gryff who lives in a magical monster filled world as a summoner, one of the lowest classes of mages. Vall does a wonderful job at describing and detailing the world Gryff lives in without going overboard and drowning the reader. Keeping the reader engaged in the story by keeping the boring story building parts to a well-balanced minimum, Vall describes Gryff’s struggle being the lowest class of mage.

All in all, I enjoyed this book as it wrapped me deeply into the story, allowing me to envision, sense, feel, and even smell the world Vall depicts. A great read that would be wonderful for a cozy weekend reading session and I am excited to see if Vall will continue the story with a second book.

Amazon Link – Summoner – Eric Vall


UPDATE 8-9-2018

Writing has been going a bit slow recently, with not much time to write being the summer and all. Work mainly has been getting in the way keeping me from focusing on much needed stories. And to make matters worse, I have lost the urge to write on the computer, and have turned to a dip pen and paper to write with. These stories that some of you have been following have been written on paper instead of typed into the computer, and transcribing them just has not been that high up on my priority list. The Sarah Keys Captains log has been continuing in the nine and a half chapters on paper, but have not made it to the computer.

As usual, most of my writings are unedited, so they contain many errors and grammatical errors. I thank my few readers for putting up with the errors, and hope you all will put up with my lazyness.


Lake Pillsbury June

Hello all!

Yet more time at Lake Pillsbury! Its always fun to enjoy the waters with your friends and family!

And in case you are wondering what the music is? Check the descriptions of the videos, and you will find the artists name and a link to their video and social network links!

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Under the Surface of Lake Pillsbury

Now here is an interesting video that I made. I took my Go-pro session, and using the floating hand grip, a piece of string, a crescent wrench, and a rope, I was able to get my camera to float just a foot or so off the bottom of the lake bed. Now what surprised me when i did this when I later reviewed the footage, was that the music that I was playing in the boat was heard underwater. Now I cant name the songs, however it produced a cool sound underwater and creates a relaxing sound.

Plus I was a little surprised about the fish friends that showed up to investigate the camera!

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Migrated to a new Hosting Service

Hello all,

If you tried to access the site recently, you may have noticed that the site was either, completely down, database was corrupted, or the site was missing content. All of that was because recently I decided to switch my hosting providers. I used to host this site on my own network, but when I renewed my email subscription on my domain, I ended up getting some hosting along with it. Currently, I am hosting this site on GoDaddy servers through C Panel. It seemed to take me a week of after-works to get hopefully all of the content moved over, and hopefully I did it correctly and got everything.

Please let me know if I missed anything!

McDonalds Gilroy Garlic Fries? Y/N?


OK, so the new Gilroy Garlic Fries from McDonald’s?

I finally got to try some, and I am not impressed. The garlic and Parmesan mixture tastes wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but put on soggy fries, it just doesn’t mix. I’m struggling eating these and typing this at the same time. I for some reason was hoping for something much much more. I believe though that the McDonald French Fri is just not suited for the task of holding a buttery garlic Parmesan and parsley sauce without just completely breaking down. And once they get cold, they just become this cold soggy mass. I haven’t yet tried them completely chilled, as i figure the butter would make them completely inedible. or maybe it isn’t even butter they use, but rather that liquid margarine? I will never know as I no longer work in a McDonald’s my self. All of this is giving me an upset stomach.

So McDonalds New Gilroy Garlic Fries? Yes or No???    I’ll say no.

How in the world is this site here???

Hello again!

Just some random stuff this time,

First, if you were wondering and you can’t tell, this sight is a WordPress site. I chose a WordPress site, because of its ease of operation, and the fact that I could get a ready to run image up and running to run the site in a matter of an hour.

Second, WordPress is running off of a Turnkey Linux core. Part of the reason I could get it up and running so quickly!

Lastly, for hosting, I decided to go with a hosting solution that I could trust. A hosting provider that if there was any down time, I would know exactly what is wrong, and would know exactly how long it will take to repair the issues. And that hosting provider? None other than myself!

I figured if anyone was wondering, this is how everything goes together. I figure why should I pay for hosting, when I can do it all myself!