My other favorite show!

So this is another one of my favorite anime’s. In fact, this may be my all time favorite! Originally I found out about this series after reading all of the hate comments about it, and seeing memes about you either Love it or Hate it. Well with my interest caught, I had to go and check the series out. The first few episodes kept my interest, but once the Asuna/Kirito combination started, I couldn’t get enough. I spent an entire weekend doing nothing but binge watching the entire two seasons that were out. And now that I have found the novels, I am working on reading those as well.


One thing about Kirito’s avatar that seems to get to me is the fact that it changes from game to game, but that can be expected I guess for each game is different. My favorite ones of Kirito’s avatar’s would have to be the second SAO avatar, and the Gun Gale Online avatar.


Currently, I am working on binge watching the entirety of the second season, and ended up staying up until 3AM this morning watching it.


Note: I don’t own any of these images.

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