My first Anime

Sitting here at work, I started thinking back to what was my first anime series that I ever watched. It didn’t take very long to remember what it was, as I started watching anime in late November of 2015. So I have only been watching for about nine months now.

But my first anime show was Dimension W. If i remember correctly, i saw a picture on Facebook of Mira that caught my attention. After a quick brief look up of the series (which was only half way through its season), I downloaded and watched all that I could and quickly became hooked.


The second anime series that I watched was Gate – Thus the JSDF Fought There! Immediately one of my all time favorites, and I find myself sometimes watching and re-watching the series over and over again. I’m not so sure how i found this one, though i believe i found it because it was airing during the same season as Dimension W was. Immediately though I took a liking to Rory Mercury and Itami.


What was your first anime show you watched? Leave your response in the comments below!!!!!

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