ProxMox Virtual Environment

Recently I have been experimenting with different kinds of servers in my home environment, and it was starting to get old having to reload the software onto the machines that I use for my testing and experimentation. If I suddenly wanted to try something else, I would have to wipe and reload the machine every single time I wanted to do something. Eventually this started getting old so I started to look into different opensource ways to virtualise my servers. It was during my searching that i ran across ProxMox. It is an opensource platform that allows you to create many virtual machines in the virtual environment, and allows you to start, stop, and replace them without having to touch the machine. Because it is open source, you can download it from their web site, however if you want any kind of personal support you have to pay for a licence. Installing ProxMox was pretty simple, and was just like installing any other kind of operating system on a machine. However once in the software, the graphical user interface is simple to use and is easier to learn. Accessing each of the virtual environments screens is simple with the built in console viewer on